How LiteSpeed
helps WordPreess

LiteSpeed Web Server, LSCache and HTTP/3 make up the BEST All-in-One WordPress Solution:
the fastest, most accurate way to serve WordPress content!

Effective Protection

LiteSpeed Web Server provides built-in protection from large-scale WordPress Brute Force attacks, and provides built-in server-level reCAPTCHA verification, as well. Brute force attacks and botnet traffic consume server resources, wasting CPU and bandwidth.

LiteSpeed mitigates such threats, and keeps your sites running smoothly.

LiteSpeed Server replaces the much older Apache Server software and eliminates many of the bottlenecks that slow down modern websites.

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LS Cache Plugin gives All-in-One Optimizations

LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache, for short) is the brains of our WordPress solution. It's an all-in-one optimization plugin that is intelligent, accurate, and fast: it's caching done right.

The LSCache plugin includes built-in PageSpeed optimization, image optimization service, critical CSS generation service, third-party CDN integration and more. With support for personalized WooCommerce cache, and a highly-configurable cache crawler, LSCache is the key to noticeably improving user experience across all of your sites.

The LSCache plugin boasts 5-out-of-5 stars in the WordPress Plugin directory, and for good reason! Turbo-charge WordPress with minimal fuss, handle traffic spikes with ease, and precisely manage cache with powerful Smart Purge technology.

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The FASTEST Cache Engine

The LSCache plugin gets its power from LiteSpeed Web Server's cache engine, which is built right into the server core. ESI support allows you to fully cache eCommerce pages and personalized content for logged-in users. Serve WordPress and WooCommerce accurately, and lightning fast, without invoking PHP. Use LiteSpeed's Cache Manager to mass deploy and manage the LSCache plugin across all of the server's WordPress installations.

Plus, LiteSpeed Web Server's impressive HTTP/2 performance can bring remarkable speed to your WordPress sites. LiteSpeed is already ready for HTTP/3 (also known as QUIC) which will be coming to a browser near you during 2020.

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