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LS Cache plugins are designed to work with the minimum of setup fuss, and yet they offer more features than most other cache plugins. The LiteSpeed servers, the caching is carried out at the server and not the plugin; this makes them really fast. The plugin controls the way that the server manages the cache. It is this difference that sets the performance of LiteSpeed chache apart.

LS Cache also uses "tag based Smart Purge" technology. For instance, take an online WooCommerce shop...

Firstly, LS Cache has a public cache for users are are browsing and not yet logged-in or adding content to their cart. Public content is the same for everyone. However, when users are actually shopping, they have private content: their shopping cart is not showing the same content as other carts, and their account pages are different. Many caching plugins will simply ignore logged-in customers, but LS Cache creates private caches for each of those logged in customers, and will apply tags to different shop items. So, for example, if a customer add a "Red Coffee Cup" to their cart, the cache for the information on the Red Coffee Cup is purged so that the next customer who looks at this item, will see updated stock information about that item. This makes LS Cache probably the fastest Cache/Server combination for WordPress with WooCommerce.

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NB These plugins only work with a LiteSpeed Web Server

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*LS Cache Plugins are free, except for the Shopware App.
NB These plugins only work with a LiteSpeed Web Server
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